Welcome to SatoshiNakamoto.me

Welcome to SatoshiNakamoto.me. This website is dedicated to preserving the history and integrity of Bitcoin’s mysterious and elusive creator. Every single public post that Satoshi Nakamoto wrote until he stopped posting publicly on December 13, 2010 is cataloged and categorized in chronological order for a searchable database to serve as future reference. There […]

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[bitcoin-list] Bitcoin 0.3.19 is released

This is a minor release to add some DoS protection. Changes: – Added some DoS limits, though it’s still far from DoS resistant. – Removed “safe mode” alerts. http://www.bitcoin.org/smf/index.php?topic=2228.0 Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/bitcoin/files/Bitcoin/bitcoin-0.3.19/ Related posts: [bitcoin-list] Bitcoin 0.3.18 is released Version 0.3.18 is now available. Changes: – Fixed a wallet.dat… [bitcoin-list] Bitcoin […]

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Accounts example code

Some sample pseudocode using the new Accounts based commands in 0.3.18. print “send to ” + getaccountaddress(username) + ” to fund your account” print “balance: ” + getbalance(username, 0) print “available balance: ” + getbalance(username, 6) // if you make a sale, move the money from their account to your […]

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