[bitcoin-list] Bitcoin v0.1.3

It looks like we’re through with the worst of the Internet
connection issues. 0.1.3 fixed a problem where your node’s
communications could go dead after a while. The network is
running much more smoothly now with this version.

If you’ve successfully generated a block, you’ve seen it has a
maturation countdown before you can spend it. Once it matures,
the Credit column will change from 0.00 to 50.00. For a block to
be valid, it has to be broadcasted to the network and get into the
block chain, which is why Generate does not run if you’re not
connected. If you generated a block without being connected, the
network wouldn’t know about it and would continue building the
chain without it, leaving it behind, and the maturation countdown
would change to “(not accepted)” when your node sees that it
wasn’t used. If you subtract 1 from the status column, that’s how
many blocks have been chained after yours.

Satoshi Nakamoto

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