Re: Payment server

Quote from: riX on January 27, 2010, 12:49:07 Wallets already support multiple bitcoin addresses. You should check out “Options/Change your address” in your bitcoin app 🙂 riX, you are absolutely right! 🙁 Now all I need is a command line version of Bitcoin. Quote from: satoshi on November 27, 2009, 17:27:09 Command […]

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Re: Bitcoin crash when sending coins

Lately when I’ve been trying to send coins, the following popups twice, then the application terminates. EXCEPTION: St13runtime_error SendMoney() : wtxNew.AcceptTransaction() failed c:\Documents and Settings\username\bitcoin-0.2.0\bitcoin.exe in CMyApp::OnExceptionInMainLoop() When i restart bitcoin.exe, the transaction is showing as 0/unconfirmed. The status do not change even when the total block count increases. I’m […]

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Re: 64bit support

Can bitcoin be compiled to run on 64 bit systems yet? -m64 seems to break the compile. (Not trying to nag or anything). On a side node: I have noticed that the network is about 3x larger than normal now. I see more nodes! 🙂 I haven’t tried compiling 64-bit yet. […]

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