Re: blocks minus 1

I’d like to reduce the number of blocks displayed in the status bar by 1.   When you first load the program, it’ll display 0 blocks instead of 1:
“0 connections    0 blocks     0 transactions”

It’s always been “nBestHeight + 1” because it’s counting the genesis block.  Technically, yes, the genesis block is a block.  It’s a hardcoded block that you start out with.  You can’t not have the genesis block.  Maybe think of it as a reference coin that you measure other coins against.  The block count people are looking for is the number of blocks they’ve downloaded.

The main benefit is that blocks will be equal to the block number of the current best block.  If blocks is 10, then the highest block number you have is 10.  It means you have block 10 and you don’t have block 11.


Done in SVN rev 137

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