Re: Gentoo Linux Ebuild

bitcoin ebuilds for gentoo linux

2011.03.02: bitcoin-git-9999 ebuild updated outdated

Come to #bitcoin-gentoo on Freenode for latest

Try -datadir=

Last time I tried $(shell /usr/bin/wx-config), there was immediate hollering about build problems with it.  There wasn’t time to investigate at the time.

One problem with $(shell /usr/bin/wx-config) is it will pick up any version (wx 2.8 ) and any configuration (non-UTF-8 ) of wxWidgets that happens to be there.  -lwx_gtk2ud-2.9 only matches the right configuration.  It fails if wxWidgets was built with the wrong configuration.

Iirc, chatting in #wxwidgets on freenode, the devs there were baffled why that was used.

Did they say why they were baffled?

This is because on my system the path is /usr/include/wx-2.9/wx/wx.h

Why is it there?  Was it included by the OS, or did you have to build it?  If you built it, I wonder why it would put itself in a different place.

Has wxWidgets 2.9 finally started to become available as a debian package?

Maybe we should do this:

-I”/usr/local/include/wx-2.9″ \
-I”/usr/local/lib/wx/include/gtk2-unicode-debug-static-2.9″ \
-I”/usr/include/wx-2.9″ \

Again, those paths help make sure it’s only 2.9 and will fail with 2.8.

wxWidgets 2.8 comes in ANSI and UTF-16, both wrong for us.  It’s tempting because it’s so easily available as a package; a lot of people were frustrated by it until we started hardcoding 2.9 into the makefile.

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