Re: Website translations

Does anyone want to translate the Bitcoin client itself?  It would be great to have at least one other language in the 0.3 release. All you have to do is get poedit and translate the po file I’m attaching to this post.  It’s less than 750 words. Updated bitcoin.po attachment […]

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Re: CLI bitcoin generation

Quote from: molybdenum on May 22, 2010, 18:44:20 An optional parameter to specify the minimum number of blocks after that transaction (getallreceived 1 for current behavior, or just getallreceived, getallreceived 5 for the paranoid, getallreceived 0 for instant confirms)? Yeah, that actually is what it is.  getallreceived 0 should do […]

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JSON-RPC programming tips using labels

I added label related functions to help with managing multiple addresses per user.  New or renamed functions are: getreceivedbyaddress — amount received on a single address getreceivedbylabel — amount received by all addresses with this label listreceivedbyaddress — list addresses and amounts they’ve received listreceivedbylabel — list labels and amounts […]

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