Webpage idea: Next predicted difficulty change

It would be neat if someone had a page (like that handy calculator at http://www.alloscomp.com/bitcoin/calculator.php) that projects what the next difficulty adjustment will be. projected difficulty adjustment multiplier = blocks_since_last_adjustment / 2016 ———————————— time_since_last_adjustment / 14_days For instance, if it already got half way to the next adjustment in only […]

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Re: [PATCH] implement ‘listtransactions’

Here is ‘listtransaction’ version 7: http://gtf.org/garzik/bitcoin/patch.bitcoin-listtransactions This adds the suggested txn_id field — very nice suggestion, gavin!  I wanted a unique transaction id, and now I have one 🙂 What are you needing to use listtransactions for? The reason I didn’t implement listtransactions is I want to make sure web […]

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