Re: Technical clarifications

Hi people. I’m interested in decentralized currency and going to either participate in development of this one or develop my own version. Before making a decision i want to clarify few technical aspects, which is not clear from documentation. Partially this is just because english is not my native language, […]

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Re: On IRC bootstrapping

Bitcoin has its own distributed address directory using the “addr” message.  It’s about time we coded in a list of the current long running static nodes to seed from.  I can add code so new nodes do not preferentially stay connected to the seed nodes, just connect and get the […]

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Re: Website translations

Here is the almost complete (93%) translation into Dutch. It might contain some errors though. I can has credit now? 🙂 I uploaded the 93% complete Dutch translation to SVN.  Thanks! Related posts: Re: Website translations Here’s the German translation for the client. It may require… Re: Website translations Here there […]

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