Version update for Linux 64-bit

When we switched to Crypto++ 5.6.0 SHA-256 in version 0.3.6, generation got broken on the Linux 64-bit build.  Version is on SourceForge with the 64-bit binary updated. Download: Future versions after 0.3.8 will probably require SSE2.  Anyone have Pentium 3 or older where this would be a problem? […]

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Here’s an outline of the kind of escrow transaction that’s possible in software.  This is not implemented and I probably won’t have time to implement it soon, but just to let you know what’s possible. The basic escrow: The buyer commits a payment to escrow. The seller receives a transaction […]

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Re: latency and locality

What I’m suggesting doesn’t exist yet. There was related talk about similar issues on the thermodynamic perversity of generating blocks. If I have just one central node, the system could generate a transaction block in a fraction of a second. If you wanted, it could do this only once every […]

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