Re: RFC: remove DB_PRIVATE flag

DB_PRIVATE enables a few optimizations by making the assumption that only one process will access the db4 database.  Notably, this flag enables db4 to use pthreads-style mutex locking rather than heavy, operating-system-provided flock and shared memory.  Ref: DB_ENV->open documentation. The general motivation is that db4 databases can be safely accessed […]

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Re: Version 0.3.12

What does the prohibition of “nonstandard” transactions do? Code: main.cpp:506 // Rather not work on nonstandard transactions if (GetSigOpCount() > 2 || ::GetSerializeSize(*this, SER_NETWORK) < 100)   return error(“AcceptToMemoryPool() : nonstandard transaction”); What is included in “GetSigOpCount”, and what does “GetSerializeSize” measure? This is “lightly” enforced by the network: Code: main.cpp:1425 […]

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