Repost: Request: Make this anonymous?

——————– anonguy54: Request: Make this anonymous? Posted:Thu 15 of Oct, 2009 (19:58 UTC) Are there any plans to make this service anonymous? e.g; Being able to route BitCoin through Tor. Related posts: Re: Repost: Request: Make this anonymous? Quote from: satoshi on November 22, 2009, 18:32:00 ——————– anonguy54:… Re: Repost: […]

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Repost: Bitcoin Maturation

——————– bitcoinbitcoin: Bitcoin Maturation Posted:Thu 01 of Oct, 2009 (14:12 UTC) From the user’s perspective the bitcoin maturation process can be broken down into 8 stages. 1. The initial network transaction that occurs when you first click Generate Coins. 2. The time between that initial network transaction and when the […]

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Welcome to the new Bitcoin forum!

Welcome to the new Bitcoin forum! The old forum can still be reached here: I’ll repost some selected threads here and add updated answers to questions where I can. FAQ Download Related posts: Bitcoin 0.2 released! Bitcoin version 0.2 is here! Download links:… Re: […]

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