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Quote from: sirius-m on February 02, 2010, 12:34:08
Quote from: BitcoinFX on February 02, 2010, 09:00:20
Thanks, I understand that and my port 8333 is correctly forwarded to my 24/7 Bitcoin machine. 🙂

However, lets say that I have 2 machines on the same IP running Bitcoin without port 8333 forwarded on either !

Bitcoin node (1)

Bitcoin node (2)

So, I would guess that machine would receive the bitcoins because it is the first IP on the sub-net ?

The connection won’t get through at all if the port is not forwarded.

Not so ? I have had 2 machines connected (getting 4+ connections on each) and generating Bitcoins on the same static IP address. The port 8333 is of course forwarded for connection through my firewall, which I guess is what you mean. However, connections to other nodes are made without port 8333 being specifically forwarded through my router to a specific machine (sub-net IP), which is of course the best way to max connectivity. I understand Bitcoin only requires 1 other connection for transactions, yes ?

I think my original question was valid and thanks for clarifying this everyone. NewLibertyStandard I think is correct “If I remember correctly I think I was told that they would be sent to the first bitcoin application with whom the sender connects.”

I dislike communication on forums, it’s hard to discuss topics sometimes when all parties mean the same thing and communicate it in a different way ! 🙂

I have enough internet connections, routers and PC equipment – So, I’m off to make an ‘official’ test for myself whilst I RTM 🙂

Port forwarding forwards a port to one computer.  It tells the router which computer handles connections to that port.  So that’s the computer receiving.

If you didn’t set up port forwarding, then incoming connections won’t go to any computer, and attempts to send to that IP would just say it couldn’t connect to the recipient and nothing is sent.  When sending by IP, you still send to a bitcoin address, but your computer connects to that IP, gets a new bitcoin address from it, gives the transaction directly to the them and confirms that it was received and accepted.

Someone should post their static IP so people can try out sending by IP and also give that user free money.

There’s a 32-bit checksum in bitcoin addresses so you can’t accidentally type an invalid address.

If 4) you send to a recipient who has abandoned or lost their wallet.dat, then the money is lost.  A subtle point can be made that since there is then less total money in circulation, everyone’s remaining money is worth slightly more, aka “natural deflation”.

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