Re: Make your “we accept Bitcoin” logo

Quote from: sirius-m on February 07, 2010, 09:27:56
Everyone open your graphics editor and make a “we accept Bitcoin” logo. A good looking logo (preferably better than mine Tongue) would be really useful.

Is there a high-res bitcoin logo? Or a vector-image?

No, sorry.  I’ve been meaning to redo it.  The largest icon that still looks good is the 20×20 one which is used for the tray icon in GNOME.  Any larger than that looks bad.  The 16×16 and 20×20 ones have quite a bit of hand tweaking to get the pixels to work out right.  If you just scale down a larger image, the pixels end up blurred and awkward in places where the lines in “BC” don’t land square on a pixel.

The best 16×16 with full alpha channel is in src/rc/bitcoin.ico.  I don’t like the 32×32 version.

I’m attaching bitcoin20x20.png, the 20×20 version with full transparency.

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