Re: bitcoin auto-renice-ing

Hi, I run bitcoin at a nice level of 20 so as not to interfere with other tasks. Every now and then, however, it seems to auto-adjust itself to nice level 2, or even 0. It this by design? Frankly, such a thing should be illegal for a linux application… it’s a bit odd to say the least.

It sets different priorities for each thread.  The generate threads run at PRIO_MIN.  The other threads rarely take any CPU and run at normal.

#define THREAD_PRIORITY_NORMAL          0

The priorities converted from Windows priorities were probably from a table like this:

“The following table shows the mapping between nice values and Win32 priorities. Refer to the Win32 documentation for SetThreadPriority() for more information on Win32 priority issues.

nice value    Win32 Priority

If you have better values, suggestions welcome.

Also, there was some advice on the web that PRIO_PROCESS is used on Linux because threads are processes.  If that’s not true, maybe it accounts for unexpectedly setting the priority of the whole app.

// threads are processes on linux, so PRIO_PROCESS affects just the one thread
setpriority(PRIO_PROCESS, getpid(), nPriority);

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