Re: Idea for file hosting service

Good idea.

I’ll eventually be setting up a ‘one hop’, SSL, http, login protected proxy service (similar to the 1st Psiphon project) and accepting bitcoins as payment.

I’m UK based so it will be good for using BBC iplayer etc. 🙂 I will be giving bitcoin users priority service, as well as users from ‘restricted’ countries.

I doubt I’ll have the spare bandwidth for a file hosting service though, maybe.

That’s a great idea.  There’s a thriving business in those services, but I’ve always thought the standard payment methods are at odds with privacy minded customers.

Would you consider making your software freely available so anyone could easily set one up?  I know for competitive reasons the inclination is to keep it to yourself, but it could get an order of magnitude more use if anyone could give proxy access to their country just by putting the software on a server.

I wonder if there are other kinds of web application servers where we would only have to tack on the payment mechanism to an already existing system?

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