Re: 0.3 almost ready

Quote from: satoshi on June 22, 2010, 19:25:13
Check if the “%appdata%” directory exists, and “%appdata%\bitcoin”
Both are existing 🙂

Quote from: satoshi on June 22, 2010, 19:25:13
rename “%appdata%\bitcoin” bitcoin2

does it work then?
Yes it works.

so I closed it, copied the walled.dat from the old folder to the new one, and now it’s downloading blocks
Address book and old transfers seem ok, but there aren’t anyone of old “generated coins” … I just need to wait?
Anyway, I can just go back with the old v0.2.10 🙂

I did another thing.
Closed it, copied addr.dat / blk0001.dat / blkindex.dat from old folder to the new one.
Restarted bitcoin ( v0.30 ), and now it seems that everything is working. ( I can see also old generated coins now )
I just did NOT copied “log.0000000002” from the database folder …

You figured it out faster than I could post a reply.  🙂

It looks like laszlo’s build of Berkeley DB has database/log.* files that are not compatible with ours.  The .dat files are fine, their format shouldn’t ever change.  All data is stored in the .dat files.  All your own data is stored in wallet.dat.  If you had waited for it to redownload the block chain, your missing transactions and generateds would have appeared as the block chain reached the point where those transactions were recorded.

When you copied the directory except log.0000000002, that’s the best solution.  You should be good now.

The database/log.* files only contain temporary database data.  If you exited bitcoin normally the last time, not exited by forced terminating it or crashing, then the database/log.* files can normally be deleted safely.  They’re only used so that if the database is in the middle of a transaction when the computer crashes or the program is killed or crashes, then it could recover without losing data.

Please keep running v0.3 if at all possible, don’t go back to v0.2.10.

Anyone else who hits this problem, move the database\log.000000000* files somewhere else.  (if it works fine after that, you can delete them later)

I’m reluctant to make the installer delete or move those files.  If the previous run was stopped by crashing or killed, that would be the wrong thing to do.

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