Re: Linux distribution download

Please cite exactly which library is using which feature of very recent glibc version (or any library for that matter) ?  (just so we can all understand the problem in the way you state).

From what I can see wxWidgets and boost are linked statically.  I guess this is due to the “build against very specific versions of its dependent libs”.  But from what I can see there is _NO_ need for either of thes libraries to use a recent glibc, wxWidgets for example only has a check for glibc 2.1 or newer (during its ./configure).  But it is not clear which features of wxWidgets 2.9.0 and/or boost 1.40.0 require the use of a glibc say above version 2.5 (which is also pretty old, but pretty compatibile).  I have sucessfully been able to build these versions (of wxWidgets/boost) against glibc 2.5.

I believe this can be confirmed by the use of -Bstatic in “src/makefile.unix”.

The only reason that glibc is a “compatibility worry” (as you put it) is because the project was build on a very new linux system.  This forces all the downloaders to have as-new-a linux system as the build system in order to run it.  This is not because there is some intrinsic compatibility worry as you describe it.

I think I have created a custom wxWidgets 2.9.x build on OpenSUSE build service (OBS).  I shall have a go with “boost” over the new few hours if all goes well.  Then I can commit bitcoind package and get openSuSE builds.  Then I can enable other distribution repos (CentOS, Ubuntu, SLE, Fedora, etc…).

Can anyone confirm if boost “1.40.0” is needed or just “1.40.0 or newer” ?  since 1.42.x is current (and that is already available for a number of platforms as packages).  Can anyone explain the story behind this matter.

With wxWidgets 2.9.x is a development series so it is pre-release, so that is clear cut that a custom version needs to be built to get access to pre-release versions.  But this problem I have solved in an OBS build.

It can be built with Boost 1.37 or later.

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