Re: Feature Request: Limiting Connections

BitTorrent clients can do hundreds of connections easily – this is why they end up killing those little embedded routers. It should be no problem for a regular IP router but the little embedded things are doing NAT so they’re tracking state on all those connections and run out of memory.. also they’re very slow SoC style computers so everything going through them suffers.

Torrent clients generally have options for configuring a global maximum number of connections, maximum inbound and maximum outbound connections.

I think it would be good to allow configuration of unlimited inbound/outbound connections for those who have the capability to do it, and provide a conservative default for those who are using NAT, tor, proxies, etc.

I reduced max outbound connections from 15 to 8 in RC4.

15 was way more than we needed for redundancy.  8 is still plenty of redundancy.

As the nodes upgrade to this version, this will cut in half the number of connections that inbound accepting nodes get.

If anyone wants more than 8 connections, they can open port 8333 on their firewall.

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