[bitcoin-list] Bitcoin 0.3 released!

Announcing version 0.3 of Bitcoin, the P2P cryptocurrency! Bitcoin is a
digital currency using cryptography and a distributed network to replace
the need for a trusted central server. Escape the arbitrary inflation
risk of centrally managed currencies! Bitcoin’s total circulation is
limited to 21 million coins. The coins are gradually released to the
network’s nodes based on the CPU power they contribute, so you can get a
share of them by contributing your idle CPU time.

What’s new:
– Command line and JSON-RPC control
– Includes a daemon version without GUI
– Transaction filter tabs
– 20% faster hashing
– Hashmeter performance display
– Mac OS X version (thanks to Laszlo)
– German, Dutch and Italian translations (thanks to DataWraith, Xunie
and Joozero)

Get it at http://www.bitcoin.org, and read the forum to find out more.

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