Re: No blocks downloaded… why?

I got my friend to download and try Bitcoin out. I sent him one coin, but he hasn’t received it. For some reason, his client isn’t downloading any blocks. He turned on “Generate Coins” the minute he started the program for the first time. His speeds were in the 1400-1600 khash/s range, and he had 3 blocks. He generated 50 coins which will mature in another 100 blocks or so. He has around 40 connections.

To my knowledge, his coins will be invalid because none of the other nodes will accept his blocks. And, since he hasn’t downloaded any blocks, he won’t receive the one Bitcoin I sent him.

He uses Microsoft Security Essentials, but has added Bitcoin to its unblock list. He does have port 8333 open, but has a Linux network firewall. (He doesn’t have the rights to access the firewall.)

What could be the problem?

Okay, I solved the problem. The solution was in

So that was responsible for keeping blocks from downloading?

The link: “Win32 CPU Cycles vs ‘Live Protection’ Engines”

For BitcoinFX, Live Protection was keeping it from getting CPU for generating coins.  You said your friend was getting 1400-1600 khash/s, so it was getting CPU.  I guess Live Protection must have been blocking some other part of the program then?

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