Re: Request: expected bitcoins per day display

I think of my machines running bitcoin as slot machines. I put in CPU time and energy costs in at a regular rate, and once in a while I get money back. If I’m to treat bitcoin as part of a business, then I need to be able to calculate my expected return on investment, just as a casino owner needs to be able to calculate how much money she’s making off of her slot machines. I know that the bitcoin generation difficulty will stabilize at some point in the future, but at this point it would be useful to me to be able to calculate my ROI quickly and easily.

So, if nobody else is going to do it, I’ll probably make a patch for this. Bitcoin donations appreciated, of course, and would help motivate me to make it available quickly. 🙂

Many businesses are like that.  For a car salesman, when will the next customer walk in the door?

On the OP’s question, it’s a good feature, but the question is, how would we word it so people don’t expect to get something after that specific amount of time?  “it said 7 days and I waited more than a week and didn’t get anything!”  Approx, average, but still they’re going to think that way.  It can’t be a whole sentence, unless we think of somewhere else to put it, but where would that be?  Suggestions?

The difficulty quadrupled a few minutes ago to 181.54.  It’s going to take typically about a week to generate now.

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