Re: JSON-RPC password

Thanks for that survey!

I find “key value” a little unnatural.  There ought to be a more definite separator between key and value that suggests assignment.  The space people may just be getting lazy using their language’s split function.
key=some full sentence with spaces in it.  # seems more clear
key some full sentence with spaces in it.  # than this

Allright then, lets go with self-parsed mapConfig, syntax:
# comment

file extension .conf.  What’s the filename, is it ~/.bitcoin/settings.conf or ~/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf or what?

I think we better strip whitespace at the beginning and end of the key and the value.
# user who likes column formatted
k            = value
key         = value
longerkey =   this sentence would be this    # “this sentence would be this”
key = value   # guess this is ok too
nextkey = value
right = justified

The normal syntax should be “key=value”, but you can’t blame people for the occasional “key = value”.

boost::program_options has the same “key=value” format.  Gavin pointed out we can use it in a simple way as a parser without getting into all the esoteric c++ syntax like typed value extraction.  We can use more features if we want later.

Lets go ahead with HTTP basic authentication instead of password as a parameter.

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