Re: Build error SVN r115 on my Mac: workaround

I get:

/var/folders/n7/n7Do3Krz2RWPeE+1YxvhUU+++TM/-Tmp-//cc8PgHsQ.s:879:suffix or operands invalid for `call'

… compiling cryptopp/sha.cpp (latest SVN source) on my Mac (gcc version 4.2.1).

I fixed it by adding -DCRYPTOPP_DISABLE_ASM  to my makefile; perhaps somebody with more experience compiling C++ on a Mac can figure out a better fix.

Was that the only thing I broke in the OSX build?!  Does it actually work after just that one change?

I had to do that for also.  It compiled, but SHA-256 didn’t work correctly; it returned the same incorrect hash each time.

We’ll disable it now, and if anyone figures out how to fix it, we can re-enable it then.  It’s still 1.7x faster from the midstate optimisation.

The Crypto++ ASM SHA-256 works with GCC on Linux and Windows (MinGW).

I uploaded this makefile.osx change to SVN.  (let me know if that compiles now)

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