Re: What could be the transition plan to Y2038 compliant Bitcoin?

As far as I can read C++, Bitcoin implementation stores timestamps as unsigned integers
and block timestamp is a part of binary block format, of which a hash is computed.
Since blocks are chained and the previous block is referenced in the current by it’s hash,
you cannot simply recompile the client with 64bit timestamps.
You will need to recompute the whole chain, is that an option?
Or we need to propose some transition plan to another binary block format.

Or, I am wrong and everybody should relax.

What do you think?

unsigned int is good until 2106.  Surely the network will have to be totally revamped at least once by then.

There should not be any signed int.  If you’ve found a signed int somewhere, please tell me (within the next 25 years please) and I’ll change it to unsigned int.

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