Re: 4 hashes parallel on SSE2 CPUs for 0.3.6

Looks like we’re triggering a compiler bug in the tree optimizer. Can you try to compile it -O0?

MinGW GCC 4.5.0:
Crypto++ doesn’t work, X86_SHA256_HashBlocks() never returns
I only got 4-way working with test.cpp but not when called by BitcoinMiner

MinGW GCC 4.4.1:
Crypto++ works

GCC is definitely not aligning __m128i.

Even if we align our own __m128i variables, the compiler may decide to use a __m128i behind the scenes as a temporary variable.

By making our __m128i variables aligned and changing these inlines to defines, I was able to get it to work on 4.4.1 with -O0 only:
#define Ch(b, c, d)  ((b & c) ^ (~b & d))
#define Maj(b, c, d)  ((b & c) ^ (b & d) ^ (c & d))
#define ROTR(x, n) (_mm_srli_epi32(x, n) | _mm_slli_epi32(x, 32 – n))
#define SHR(x, n)  _mm_srli_epi32(x, n)

But that’s with -O0.

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