Re: Development of alert system

Quote from: nelisky on August 25, 2010, 01:28:32
So what kind of warning do admins get from bitcoind? Is there something we can grep from debug.log? Or will rpc calls raise some specific error? Is there a way to locally force this to happen, for unittesting services?

getinfo has a new field that shows any alert messages or other errors that would be displayed on the status bar.

The rpc methods return a json-rpc error with the error description “Safe mode: ” followed by additional text specified by the alert.

I added the switch “-testsafemode” for you.  SVN rev 145.

This stuff is very new and may still be subject to change.

Quote from: mizerydearia on August 25, 2010, 00:11:50
I just discovered and don’t see any reference to -disablesafemode. Perhaps it should be added! Also others liek -4way should be added as well.

Many switches are intentionally undocumented, like if their functionality is still under construction or I haven’t settled on their name yet, or just test code not intended for release.

-4way should eventually be replaced by an auto-detect.

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