Re: Gentoo Linux Ebuild

bitcoin ebuilds for gentoo linux 2011.03.02: bitcoin-git-9999 ebuild updated outdated Come to #bitcoin-gentoo on Freenode for latest Try -datadir= Last time I tried $(shell /usr/bin/wx-config), there was immediate hollering about build problems with it.  There wasn’t time to investigate at the time. One problem with $(shell /usr/bin/wx-config) is it will […]

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Re: RFC: remove DB_PRIVATE flag

Wallet backups and other DB examination are easily possible in a safe, atomic, transactional fashion… if and only if DB_PRIVATE flag is removed. Code: — a/db.cpp +++ b/db.cpp @@ -77,7 +77,6 @@ CDB::CDB(const char* pszFile, const char* pszMode) : pdb(NULL) DB_INIT_MPOOL | DB_INIT_TXN | DB_THREAD | – DB_PRIVATE | DB_RECOVER, […]

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Re: Development of alert system

It can’t do arbitrary actions remotely.  Maybe some of you are responding to other posters who suggested the alert system should do more? If there is an alert, the following json-rpc methods return an error: sendtoaddress getbalance getreceivedbyaddress getreceivedbylabel listreceivedbyaddress listreceivedbylabel The remaining 14 methods function as normal. I believe […]

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