Re: Version 0.3.13

Quote from: ShadowOfHarbringer on October 02, 2010, 13:00:07 That’s nice, however the automatic 4way detection is not working on my Gentoo AMD 64 version client. I still have to add the “-4way” switch. Forgot to say, I suspected the detect might not work on 64-bit AMD.  I found it hard […]

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Version 0.3.13, please upgrade

Version 0.3.13 is now available.  You should upgrade to prevent potential problems with 0/unconfirmed transactions.  Note: 0.3.13 prevents problems if you haven’t already spent a 0/unconfirmed transaction, but if that already happened, you need Changes: – Don’t count or spend payments until they have 1 confirmation. – Internal version […]

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