Re: New demonstration CPU miner available

A new CPU miner is now available, making use of the new ‘getwork’ RPC command.

In the beginning, this is intended largely to demonstrate a ‘getwork’ miner.  It is written in straight C, with minimal dependencies (libcurl, jansson).

It has successfully generated blocks on testnet, mainnet and almost all pools.

Linux/BSD release tarball:
Windows installer:
git repository: git://

Contributions welcomed!  (GPL v2 license)

UPDATE:  This has largely been superceded by Con Kolivas’s cgminer fork.  See cgminer’s official forum thread for updates and details.

You should try it with tcatm’s 4-way SSE2 SHA in sha256.cpp.  It compiles fine as a C file, just rename sha256.cpp to sha256.c.  I was able to get it to work in simple tests on Windows, but not when linked in with Bitcoin.  It may have a better chance of working as part of a C program instead of C++.

Currently it’s only enabled in the Linux build, so if you get it to work you could make it available to Windows users.  It’s about 100% speedup on AMD CPUs.

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