Re: Version 0.3.13, please upgrade

I have one transaction that remains perpetually in 0/unconfirmed status in my wallet. Here are the details, as shown in debug mode: Code: Status: 0/unconfirmed Date: 09/29/2010 12:46 From: unknown To: 1MgD6rah5zUgEGYZnNmdpnXMaDR3itKYzU (yours, label: gribble stored address) Credit: 0.03 Net amount: +0.03 debug print Credit: 0.03 Inputs: Transaction: CTransaction(hash=5c05d9, ver=1, […]

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Re: Memory leak

Got that leak again with 0.3.13. Here is the log: I cut it because the connecting-disconnecting repeats again and again without any change and censored the external static IP (it’s detected correctly). The port 8333 is forwarded and is seen from the outside. The RES size of bitcoin grew […]

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Re: Version 0.3.13

Quote from: ShadowOfHarbringer on October 02, 2010, 13:00:07 That’s nice, however the automatic 4way detection is not working on my Gentoo AMD 64 version client. I still have to add the “-4way” switch. Forgot to say, I suspected the detect might not work on 64-bit AMD.  I found it hard […]

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