Version 0.3.14

Version 0.3.14 is now available Changes: – Key pool feature for safer wallet backup Gavin Andresen: – TEST network mode with switch -testnet – Option to use SSL for JSON-RPC connections on unix/osx – validateaddress RPC command eurekafag: – Russian translation Related posts: Version 0.3.12 Version 0.3.12 is now […]

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Re: The Niche List

Quote from: kiba on September 23, 2010, 16:00:16 1. Download site like rapidshare and other crappy host. Inconvenient captcha and required paypal. Bitcoin can possibly take both roles and streamline the whole process. Repeating myself here, but there is open source software for that, so it would just be a […]

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Re: Website and software translations

I updated the translation and replaced «транзакция» with more neutral and casual word «перевод». Also made some corrections on other phrases. Thanks eurekafag, Russian translation added to SVN rev 160. Related posts: Re: Website and software translations Shame on me, I haven’t know about this useful tool… Re: Website and […]

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