Re: Bitcoin crash when sending coins

Lately when I’ve been trying to send coins, the following popups twice, then the application terminates.

EXCEPTION: St13runtime_error
SendMoney() : wtxNew.AcceptTransaction() failed

c:\Documents and Settings\username\bitcoin-0.2.0\bitcoin.exe in

When i restart bitcoin.exe, the transaction is showing as 0/unconfirmed. The status do not change even when the total block count increases.

I’m running two instances of bitcoin in my home LAN, one at my desktop computer, and one in a virtual machine on my laptop, with the switch -connect= (ip of desktop computer).

This occurs when I send to my own bitcoin address, to my other computers bitcoin address and to an other bitcoin address not currently active anywhere. I’m not sending by ip.

I’ve been moving wallets and index-files back and forth, could this have something to do with this?

That is what happens if you copy wallet files around.  If you copy your wallet file to a second computer, then they both think the money in the wallet is theirs.  If one spends any of it, the other doesn’t know those coins are already spent and would try to spend them again, and that’s the error you would hit.

Now that it’s clear this is a key error message, it ought to be something more like “the money appears to be already spent…  this could happen if you used a copy of your wallet file on another computer.”

You can move or backup your wallet file, but it needs to have only one “lineage” and only used in one place at a time.  Any time you transfer money out of it, then you must no longer use any previous copies.

This brings up a good point.  In the case of restoring a backup that may be from before you spent some coins, we need to add functionality to resync it to discover which coins have already been spent.  This would not be hard to do, it just hasn’t been implemented yet.  I’ll add it to the list.  This would make it mostly repair the situation instead of giving that error message.

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