Re: Bitcoin crash when sending coins

Lately when I’ve been trying to send coins, the following popups twice, then the application terminates.

EXCEPTION: St13runtime_error
SendMoney() : wtxNew.AcceptTransaction() failed

c:\Documents and Settings\username\bitcoin-0.2.0\bitcoin.exe in

When i restart bitcoin.exe, the transaction is showing as 0/unconfirmed. The status do not change even when the total block count increases.

I’m running two instances of bitcoin in my home LAN, one at my desktop computer, and one in a virtual machine on my laptop, with the switch -connect= (ip of desktop computer).

This occurs when I send to my own bitcoin address, to my other computers bitcoin address and to an other bitcoin address not currently active anywhere. I’m not sending by ip.

I’ve been moving wallets and index-files back and forth, could this have something to do with this?

I uploaded this fix to the SVN. It watches for spent coins and updates your wallet on load and also continuously as blocks come in. I also put a better error message, but it should never hit it because it always finds spent coins ahead of time, unless you spent the same money at the same time on two computers at once.

If you want to try it, PM or e-mail me your e-mail address where I can send it as an attachment and also what OS (win, linux 32-bit, linux 64-bit).

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