Re: URI-scheme for bitcoin

Hi, intrigued by the bitcoin-system, I have an idea:

The bitcoin addresses could be improved by implementing an URI-scheme like e.g. torrent magnet links.

So instead of 1Nu6wZC7JSuh6h8nfKkSTZ4kp9U4f83hhZ, we could more unambiguous say bitcoin:?addr=1Nu6wZC7JSuh6h8nfKkSTZ4kp9U4f83hhZ, and even configure browsers to redirect clicks on such links to a bitcoin client. This would allow one to implement “donate buttons” on homepages, “pay buttons” on webshops etc.

If an IP should be included, URIs allow this as bitcoin://HOST_OR_IP:PORT?addr=1Nu6wZC7JSuh6h8nfKkSTZ4kp9U4f83hhZ. If wanted an amount could be specified as bitcoin:?amount=42.00;addr=1Nu6wZC7JSuh6h8nfKkSTZ4kp9U4f83hhZ (of course for the user to verify in the secure bitcoin-client).

Just my 0.02 ฿ (return them to bitcoin:?addr=1Nu6wZC7JSuh6h8nfKkSTZ4kp9U4f83hhZ if you don’t like them 😉 )

That would be nice at point-of-sale.  The cash register displays a QR-code encoding a bitcoin address and amount on a screen and you photo it with your mobile.

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