Re: URI-scheme for bitcoin

Quote from: satoshi on May 16, 2010, 22:37:21
There you go, we could easily do it the same way, like:<bitcoinaddress>;amount=<amount>

That’s a very pragmatic answer. I like it.

However, how would that work with the combined IP / Bitcoin Address URI (URN? URL?) scheme described here?

I know it’s been nearly a month, sorry.

But as long as the link is already doing the typing for you, I don’t see much benefit in using a domain address instead of bitcoin address.  With a bitcoin address, the user can’t send an unidentified payment.  They can’t send payment until they’ve been given a correct bitcoin address to send to.

What would be nice about sending by domain is you could visually verify who it’s going to.

A more crucial issue is what if the browser isn’t allowed to connect to

and if that’s true, then what about that example freenet link that had in it?

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