Re: Command Line and JSON-RPC

Using DB-4.7.25 fixed that problem.

I’m now getting this error, though:

g++ -O0 -Wno-invalid-offsetof -Wformat -g -D__WXDEBUG__ -D__WXGTK__ -DNOPCH -I"/usr/include" -I"/opt/tdep/include" -o bitcoind -L"/usr/lib" -L"/usr/local/lib" -L"/opt/tdep/lib" obj/nogui/util.o obj/nogui/script.o obj/nogui/db.o obj/nogui/net.o obj/nogui/irc.o obj/nogui/main.o obj/nogui/rpc.o obj/nogui/init.o obj/sha.o -l wx_baseu-2.9 -Wl,-Bstatic -l boost_system -l boost_filesystem -l db_cxx -Wl,-Bdynamic -l crypto -l gthread-2.0
obj/nogui/init.o: In function `wxArrayString::Item(unsigned int) const':
init.cpp:(.text._ZNK13wxArrayString4ItemEj[wxArrayString::Item(unsigned int) const]+0x7): undefined reference to `wxTheAssertHandler'
init.cpp:(.text._ZNK13wxArrayString4ItemEj[wxArrayString::Item(unsigned int) const]+0x42): undefined reference to `wxOnAssert(char const*, int, char const*, char const*, wchar_t const*)'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [bitcoind] Error 1

Are you using wxWidgets 2.9.0?  I don’t recommend using anything other than 2.9.0.

It looks like they’ve got a reference in the wx headers (arrstr.h) to something outside of wxBase.

Removing -D__WXDEBUG__ from bitcoin’s makefile would probably solve it.

If that doesn’t work and you just want to get it working, you could edit wxWidgets include/wx/arrstr.h, line 167 and comment out the wxASSERT_MSG.

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