Re: New icon/logo

Excellent. This would be a good resource for those participating in the banner contest. Why unequal dimensions?

My only suggestion would be to make the coin’s text stand out more. At tiny resolutions outlines tend to be come unworkable, so a better option may be to experiment with contrast. Making the text significantly darker than the rest of the coin would likely increase readability. Alternately, you could make the inner circle color darker, and the text lighter.

Good suggestion.  I made the B slightly lighter and the background slightly darker.  Very slightly.  The foreground is now exactly the same colour as the BC in the old one.

It’s kind of OK if you can’t easily read the B in the 16×16.  At that size, you just need to see that it’s a coin.  It doesn’t matter so much what’s embossed on it, just that there be some detail there because it wouldn’t look like a coin if it was a blank smooth circle.

It’s slightly wider than tall because the dark perspective under it goes more to the right than down.

I finished and posted the 32×31 and 48×47 versions in the first message.  I like the 48 a lot.

How does everyone feel about the B symbol with the two lines through the outside?  Can we live with that as our logo?

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