Re: TOR and I2P

OK thanks riX. So, once Bitcoin has connected to at least one node then the -connect option will eliminate the 6667 warnings. Is Bitcoin using any kind of ‘peer exchange’ or DHT because this still does not seem to prevent the constant Tor ‘exit’ warnings and therefore Tor’s requirement to […]

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Re: Bitcoin crash when sending coins

Lately when I’ve been trying to send coins, the following popups twice, then the application terminates. EXCEPTION: St13runtime_error SendMoney() : wtxNew.AcceptTransaction() failed c:\Documents and Settings\username\bitcoin-0.2.0\bitcoin.exe in CMyApp::OnExceptionInMainLoop() When i restart bitcoin.exe, the transaction is showing as 0/unconfirmed. The status do not change even when the total block count increases. I’m […]

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