Re: 1.3 almost ready

I’m not sure why but I noticed that as well – my Win32 build was a lot slower than the linux/mac builds I did.  I used MinGW and all that but maybe I made a mistake somewhere..  I probably used a different version of Berkeley DB than Satoshi too so that’s why the logs weren’t binary compatible.

MinGW still only has good old stable 3.4.5.  There’s not much reason for them to update it.

When I looked at the 3.4.5 compiled SHA disassembly, I couldn’t see any room for improvement at all.  I can’t imagine how 8% more could be squeezed out of it.  Is it possible Windows could have 8% more overhead?  Not making system calls or anything, just plain busy computational code, could task switching and other housekeeping operations take away that much?

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