Re: IPv6, headless client, and more

Hello, I heard about this project around freenode, and I really like the idea.

I am wondering if there is a chance you could develop a fully headless version, but with controlling options? Maybe something similar to ncurses work, like rtorrent? So we can make and share bitcoins on headless computers, while still having the ease and control of te GUI interface?

Another suggestion that would be nice would be an update module, if you are running an old version (don’t know if there is already, didn’t look around much).

Boot strapping to a different type of medium, as well as IRC, would be an improvement as well. Maybe something similar to Bittorrent trackers? Some ISPs block IRC, and some people dislike the thought of IRC.

Lastly, IPv6 support would be pretty awesome, if possible. Then people would worry less about the IRC bootstrapping, I’d think.

I am also running bitcond 1.3 (RC?) that satoshi just posted. How do I use it though? There aren’t many docs on using bitcoind… it just said “starting bitcoin server”, and my IP appears in the #bitcoin room on How would I figure out my bitcoin address, how many coins I have, send to other people, etc?

I am no C programmer, so I would not be able to implant any of these suggestions, but I would hope that it could be possible 🙂

Thanks in advance!

Welcome, Harry.

I hadn’t thought about starting out using bitcoind without using bitcoin first.  I guess for now, this thread serves as the tutorial.

The focus for bitcoind so far has been more on backend support for websites.  There’s demand for things that would be nice for adminning headless generators like listgenerated.  For the moment, you can grep the debug.log file for “generated” and “hashmeter” for some feedback.  Generated blocks take about 24 hours before they’re credited to your balance.

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