Re: Nenolod, the guy that wants to prove Bitcoin doesn’t work.

So this guy has about 1000 cores generating bitcoins. About 10% of the total amount fo BTC.
His name is William Pitock aka Nenolod

What do you think? If he cannot prove the system isn’t sustainable, he wins, because he will have lots of bitcoins.
If he does, we all loose.

I hope he will post here, as we discuss HIS ACTIONS and not HIS PERSON.
Also, I hope he will pay me 31337 bitcoins at this address 1EZdM6HBRn4BQNa2Bqcyh47fQWYFS5Ujr3
so I can prove him he’s wrong.

Please discuss the issue.

0.3.2 has some security safeguards to lock in the block chain up to this point and limit the damage a little if someone gets 50%.

But if someone has 50%+ of the CPU power and malicious intent, they can prove what it already says in the design document.

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