Re: Source code documentation

Thanks Insti.  I got the man page written.  I documented all of the command line switches the program supports, not just the ones in the usage output given by “bitcoin -h”.  Any of the ones that do not appear in the usage output should have a comment in the man page file noting this (comment lines start with   .”   which is a period then a double quote).

I provided the update as a patch since I also made some changes to the sourcecode itself.  If you want to install the man page first extract it from the diff file with the patch program and then copy the file “bitcoin.1” to section 1 of you man pages.  On my Ubuntu systems the directory /usr/local/man/man1/ serves as a good place to keep it.  Actually on my systems I put a symlink from there to the bitcoin/trunk/bitcoin.1 file so it stays up to date if it gets updated in SVN.

I have also exported the man page using man2html and will post this to the wiki so people can reference it without having to install it on their systems, as well as for the underprivileged Windows users who have to forgo the true awesomeness of the man page system.  🙂

Attached to this message you should find a zip file with the patch in it.

EDIT:  The wiki doesn’t seem to be sending the registration e-mail so I can log in to edit, is there some problem with the server or something?


I didn’t realize you were going to document all the intentionally undocumented commands.  They’re unsupported and not intended to be used by users.

All the user-facing commands are listed in the -? help.

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