Version 0.3.9 rc1, please test

Here’s a test build if you’d like to help test before 0.3.9 is released.
(or if you’d rather get upgrading out of the way now instead of waiting)

Downloads:  (binaries only)

SHA1 a36ea00cce27b4b083755df73a3d1e5e5729884e
SHA1 bbb333b0ea57302740ad1bb9948520d00f884f9d bitcoin-0.3.9.rc1-linux.tar.gz

Linux please test rc2 instead.  This adds a -4way switch for tcatm’s 4-way SSE2.  This will only be for Linux:

SHA1 47d9998f7d15fe81234a5c89a542da9d0664df40 bitcoin-0.3.9.rc2-linux.tar.gz

Please report back your results

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