Version 0.3.10 – block 74638 overflow PATCH!

Version 0.3.10 patches the block 74638 overflow bug.

The Linux version includes tcatm’s 4-way SSE2 SHA-256 that makes generating faster on i5, i7 (with hyperthreading) and AMD CPU’s.  Try the “-4way” switch to enable it and check if it’s faster for you.

Download from sourceforge:

SHA1 16645ec5fcdb35bc54bc7195309a1a81105242bb bitcoin-0.3.10-win32-setup.exe
SHA1 4f35ad7711a38fe8c880c6c9beab430824c426d3
SHA1 e3fda1ddb31b0d5c35156cacd80dee6ea6ae6423 bitcoin-0.3.10-linux.tar.gz
SHA1 b812ccff4881778b9090f7c0b0255bcba7b078ac

It is no longer necessary to delete blk*.dat.  The good block chain has overtaken the bad block chain, so you can just upgrade and it’ll automatically reorg away the bad block chain.

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