Re: overflow bug SERIOUS

seems a block at height 74638 has expoited a bug in the net. It uses an integer overflow to make a negative total transaction. The two transaction outputs are:

out Value:92233720368.54(7ffffffffff85ee0) out Value:92233720368.54(7ff

We need a fix asap

0.3.10 patch download links here:

Don’t update the block chain download.  When you take someone’s block chain download, you don’t want it right up to the end.  A somewhat old one is better so it can download and verify the most recent blocks.

tcatm’s 4-way SSE2 SHA-256 is in the file sha256.cpp and already uploaded a few revs ago.

I just now uploaded rev 134 which is the makefile.unix that enables building with it on Linux.  If you build rev 134 on Linux now you’ll get the -4way switch.

If you have problems building because of it, then edit makefile.unix and:
– remove -DFOURWAYSSE2
– remove obj/sha256.o from the end of these lines:
bitcoin: $(OBJS) obj/ui.o obj/uibase.o obj/sha256.o
bitcoind: $(OBJS:obj/%=obj/nogui/%) obj/sha256.o

The 0.3.10 linux build will have the -4way option when I build it.

Here are the patch downloads for Windows:

SHA1 16645ec5fcdb35bc54bc7195309a1a81105242bb bitcoin-0.3.10-win32-setup.exe
SHA1 4f35ad7711a38fe8c880c6c9beab430824c426d3

1) Shut down.
2) Download knightmb’s blk files and replace your blk0001.dat and blkindex.dat files.
3) Upgrade to 0.3.10.
4) It should start out with less than 74000 blocks and redownload the rest.

Or if you don’t want to mess with downloading blk files, you can just do this:

1) Shut down.
2) Delete (or move) blk*.dat
3) Upgrade to 0.3.10.
4) It redownloads all blocks, probably take about an hour.

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