Re: JSON-RPC method idea: list transactions newer than a given txid

At some point, a website or person accepting a transaction must take this risk.  It is unavoidable, whether you use listreceivedbyaddress or listtransactions.  This is why listtransactions reluctance seems so unusual.

Almost every exchange or website accepting bitcoins achieves a binary decisionpoint, where the transaction is accepted, and goods are shipped or money is exchanged.  After that binary decisionpoint, even if the block chain is reorg’d or transactions disappear, there is nothing the website can do but take a loss (or pursue a refund outside of bitcoin).

From the website’s point of view, there is zero effective difference between ‘listtransactions 6’ and ‘listreceivedbyaddress 6’, because the end result to the website operator is the same:  the goods have been shipped / order accepted / money exchanged.

Then how do you cope with the issues I listed in the message you quoted?

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