Re: Website integration for bitcoin

I’ve been working on a project inspired by a suggestion (and the offer of bounty 😉 ) over from another thread. I thought I should stop derailing that thread and start my own project thread.

Basically, the idea of the project is an easy way for websites to integrate bitcoin payment. How it works is the user runs a website on their local machine, which is only accessible to them, then when the shop wants a user to pay some money, they simply send them to this local site, which handles sending the money and then redirects back to the shop site to finish the transaction.

So at the moment, I have a test of this running on my PC, visiting this URL:

will simply send 0.25BC to my laptop from my PC, and then redirect me to google.

My todo list:
-> Add some stylesheets for prettiness
-> Add a confirm/deny button
-> Add a way to communicate to the shop if the transaction succeeded or failed (mostly done)
-> Look into packaging the program up into a simple executable which you can run instead of bitcoin, and it will run in the background and kill itself when the bitcoin process dies.

Suggestions (and donations) very welcome 🙂

I’ve been trying to encourage someone to write and release some sample Python code showing the recommended way to do the typical accounting stuff, but to no avail.  It would be nice if you didn’t have to re-invent the wheel like you’re doing here.  Search on getnewaddress and you should find a thread where I gave a small fragment of sample pseudocode.

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