Re: overflow bug SERIOUS

Quote from: laszlo on August 16, 2010, 22:13:00
So at this point, would a client that has not upgraded also have the correct chain?

Yes. The only exception would be if an unpatched client made another fake transaction and managed to verify it. They would be able to spread that fake block to a few other nodes that haven’t upgraded, but the upgraded clients seem to have more power than the unpatched clients, so the bad link would not last long and would not be spread by upgraded clients.

Un-upgraded nodes have the correct chain most of the time, but they are still trying to include the overflow transaction in every block, so they’re continually trying to fork and generate invalid blocks.  If an old version node is restarted, its transaction pool is emptied, so it may generate valid blocks for a while until the transaction gets broadcast again.  0.3.9 and lower nodes still must upgrade.

The SVN now has the code we needed to automatically reorg the block chain without having to delete the blk*.dat files manually.  I knew I couldn’t write that code fast and carefully enough yesterday, so I went with the quick manual option.

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