Re: auto backing up of wallet.dat

The Windows version of mmap was mentioned in the message to which you replied:  CreateFileMapping

In my earlier message, I mentioned how to use this from boost:  Boost::Iostreams already has a mapped_file Source.

Sorry, I’ve been so busy lately I’ve been skimming messages and I still can’t keep up.

We want to avoid Windows API calls whenever possible.  They usually take about 6-8 parameters and a lot of testing to get right, it takes a page of code to do something simple.

I usually shy away from iostreams.  Seems like I too often hit limitations.  They kind of botched the C++ streams standard in the 90’s, which is too bad, streams can be very powerful and useful when done right.  Using it in rpc.cpp may still turn out to be a mistake.

Bottom line is I’d rather call an existing file copy function than make and test my own.

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