Re: I broke my wallet, sends never confirm now.

So in .13 1 confirm is good enough to pay someone with, but it takes 6 to display “confirmed” in the GUI.   This is inconsistant.  This coin is good enough to pay you with but not good enough for me to accept?  I don’t know the logic behind the 6, but whatever it is, if its only used to decide which word to display, then is it really  representing anything at all?

That’s going to be more of a SelectCoins thing.

SVN rev 161 has a refinement to recursively determine if your own unconfirmed transactions can be spent.  This is needed because you should be able to spend your own change right away.

The new recursive determination is: 0/unconfirmed can be spent if it’s yours and all its dependencies are either in a block or also yours.

Here’s a Windows build:

This version is an improvement if you already had a 0/unconfirmed transaction and might have already spent it.  If you were the original creator of a 0/unconfirmed transaction, you still need theymos’ patch instead.

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